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Our Favorite Magazines for an Informed Design Sense

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest is a staple for any design enthusiasts inspirational intake, and its tagline 'The International Design Authority' is not misplaced. Devour the 'open door' editorials that give exclusive and completely delicious tours around celebrity homes, including Kate Moss, David Hockney, the Obama's, and in 2020, Drake's jaw-dropping Toronto home, designed by interior designer Ferris Rafauli. Contributing to the magazines unrivaled authority on everything interior design and interior architecture, is their annual AD100 List, which recognizes the most influential interior designers and architects from around the world. A must read since its launch in 1920, Architectural Digest continues evolving to deliver its readers with what to buy, where to go and and who to watch. Don't miss their Instagram for daily visual delights.


'Slow living' is the perfect strap-line for a magazine whose purpose is conveying the importance of considered choices when curating our lives. Originally conceived as 'a guide to small gatherings', its value comes in balancing skin deep aesthetics with a depth of knowledge behind those visuals and the importance they play within our lives. Indulge in abundant imagery, thought-provoking editorials or attend some of the hundreds of events they host globally. Rather than following trends, Kinfolks authenticity is in its ability to define them, to the point it now stands firmly as a cult classic among its readers. Dedicated to enabling people to develop community and simplify their lives, pick up Kinfolk for a rigorous look into the modern ideal.

Dirty Furniture

If you are looking for a truly stimulating, in-depth read, Dirty Furniture is for you. A relatively new addition to the industry, Dirty Furniture is here to revolutionize how we discuss and critique design. Conceived as a limited series of six editions, each dissects the cultural significance of one piece of furniture. The first edition, the sofa, explores the historical, technological, social and political implications of said piece. Featured articles include 'Taking It Lying Down - The female in repose is one of the most enduring tropes of visual culture. Natalie Ferris wonders whether this figure is sustained or betrayed by what props her up' and 'Will The Honorable Gentleman Please Sit Down - Usually considered a site of arch inactivity, the sofa has become one of modern Britain's political battlegrounds. Wills Wiles explores the surprisingly fraught symbolism of lounge furniture', along with interviews with a couch surfer, an upholster and an antiques dealer. With the tagline 'When design leaves the showroom', it goes on to discuss the table, the toilet, the closet, the telephone and the bed. Beyond informative you will come away with a deeper understanding of the ramifications of the everyday choices within your home.


Cereal is here under the guise of 'travel magazine', but as its place in this list may allude to, it is so much more. Between the pages, oozing with style, photography and knowledge, emerges a compelling and poetic design object of its very own. Always carrying a specific theme, the images unite together, curating a visual feast to inspire. Divided into location specific chapters, each explores unique places on an intimate scale, enabling its reader to create genuine adventure for themselves. Alongside stunning travel photography, be greeted by design features, essays, stories and interviews with restaurateurs; designers; architects; chefs and artists. Immerse yourself in the minimal, but warm visual identity that cereal has evolved into, but more so, learn about a world that dwells within that identity, and how to experience it.

The World of Interiors

Balancing out the on-brand minimalism of Kinfolk and Cereal magazine, The World of Interiors celebrates the eclectic, eccentric, and whimsical. Its content showcases a varying range of interiors and projects, lofty french villas; rural cabins; everyday peoples homes, they always portray the timeless, romantic face of design. Reportedly read by design giants including, Alessandro Michele (Fashion Director of Gucci); Nicolas Ghesqure (Creative Director of Louis Vuitton) and Clare Waight Keller (Artistic Director of Givenchy), expect exclusive interviews and editorials in some of the world's most beautiful homes. Fusing classic and modern, The World Of Interiors exists outside the gravitational pull of trends, and thrives in a space of its own, offering something niche, and unique. The quiet, calm, moody images on the pages offer tangible escapism. This is the magazine to read to 'stay-afloat' in a world drowning in trends, and 'must-haves', and to keep an open mind about what a space can be, beyond the limitations of contemporary fashions.


CovetED is here to quench all your thirsts for luxury inspiration. It covers everything you will need to be well briefed, but more importantly inspired. Retail experiences, restaurants, interiors, events, books, colour trends, design projects, boutique hotels, and style icons, all with the goal of facilitating the ultimate luxury lifestyle for their readers. Along with exclusive interviews and 'collectible travel guides' CovetED is one of the worlds top sources for interior design among professionals and enthusiasts alike. For those of you looking for a well rounded read, but more so, a quarterly update for everything luxury, the richly colored pages and indulgent imagery of CovetED are here for you.


Fully fitted with floor plans, interviews, and full spread photography, Enki delves deep into the concepts, processes and experiences behind beautiful buildings, commercial and residential, from around the world. Their 'Architect of the month' makes for a an inspiring read, for architects and enthusiasts alike and the general dedication to enlightening people around the at times mysterious architectural industry shines through in the quality of the content. So much more than pretty images, pieces exploring food, architecture, and people make this well worth picking up for anyone looking to expand beyond interiors, for a insight into entire buildings.


While Omar Sosa, the founder on Apartmento insists the magazine is not a direct reaction to the materialism of other magazines, the stark contrast it offers is distinctly different to anything else on the shelf, and successful for it. Focusing on people, their homes, and the experiences within, (over products and styling) it takes time through personal, gritty shoots and interviews, to examine the way people truly exist within their dwellings. Described as 'more like a diary' the magazine has grown by over 100 pages since its launch in 2008, as the stories about creatives from around the globe go further in-depth with each issue. Featuring names such as Carlo Rovelli, Anne Holtrop and Kali Malone, delve deep into the stories of life within the micro environment of the 'home', and be inspired to embrace the chaotic. Presenting homes as an organic cycle, of life effecting home, and home effecting life, over the A to B of consumerism, Apartmento offers a unique and personal take on interior architecture.


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